500 Points is a Ghanaian entertainment startup aimed at producing African content for mainstream television. We currently produce documentaries in segments of 1 hour, short films and feature lengths.

500 Points wants to push the boundaries of story telling and content distribution.


We are looking for passionate and skilled professionals who will work at the intersection of business, film and technology.

We are interested in working with people in the area of research, finance, operations, technology, marketing, distribution, human resource and filmmaking.

If you can work with us, send us your application to careers@500points.com.


If you wish to contact us kindly send us a message through our Facebook page.


A 500 Points Original

. . . . Inviting & Educative

This Ghanaian documentary is about mental health. This film demystifies the complexity of a globally worrying topic of the brain and mind. It invites us to understand the issues and become advocates. What will you do differently if you knew ...

Available in Twi, French & Pidjin

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